Broccoli Seed Extract

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SGSTM Broccoli Seed Extract is obtained using a patented process to extract glucoraphanin (also known as sulforaphane glucosinolate or “sgs”) from its most concentrated cruciferous source—broccoli seeds. Glucoraphanin is enzymatically converted to the extensively researched isothiocyanate known as sulforaphane (SFN). Research suggests that SFN supports long-lasting antioxidant activity and the production of detoxification enzymes. It also extends support to the immune, nervous, and cardiovascular systems, addressing the maintenance of good health throughout adult life. Broccoli Seed Extract provides 30 mg of glucoraphanin per capsule and Broccoli Seed Extract ES provides 100 mg of glucoraphanin per capsule.*

30 ct. bottle. 

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