Fight the Bad Breath

Pharmaceutical Grade Probiotics from Healthy Host are you key for Oral health and Fighting the Bad Breath

Science Behind Probiotics

Healthy Host Probiotics are backed by over 30 years of research from industry leaders to give you the best results. I'm proud to stand behind these products because of the effect that they have had on my own health. Daily Oral Replenish is specially formulated to target oral and upper respiratory health while fighting bad breath with over 2 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) of the good bacteria your mouth needs to stay healthy and keep your breath fresh. 




Folate Preserves gum tissue, reduces risk of gingivitis and periodontitis; also known to protect against heart disease and birth defects; reduces gum inflammation
Coenzyme Q10 Fights periodontal disease, boosts energy, allows gums to heal and reduces symptoms of gingivitis 
BLIS M18 (S. salivarius DSM 14685) Targeted to promote tooth and gum health by crowding out less desirable bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) for an optimal oral microbial balance
BLIS K12 (S. salivarius DSM 13084) Fights bad breath at the source; Promotes ear, nose and throat health by attacking the bad bacteria (Streptococcus pyogenese).
Xylitol Inhibits the formation of plaque, fights tooth decay and cavity formation

Daily Oral Replenish is your solution to bad breath. 


Customer Testimonies 

“My husband’s breath was so bad that I often slept in the guest room.  After one week of Daily Oral Replenish probiotics, his breath started improving and now I’ve reclaimed my side of the bed.  Thank you Healthy Host!” - Sharon S. 


“When I take my Daily Oral Replenish I don’t wake up with morning breath.” -  Mike L.


“I can tell this stops my bad breath at the source. Not just covering it up with a mint or gum, but stopping it before it starts.” - Sue R. 


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What to Look For in a Probiotic

Pharmaceutical Grade: All Healthy Host Probiotics are Pharmaceutical Grade which means they are a much more powerful supplement than most lower dosage over the counter options.

Easy to Store: There is no refrigeration necessary with our Healthy Host Probiotics. Just keep them closed in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. Easy to travel with.

Researched and Number Strains: Be sure that the strains in your probiotic are numbered and researched for proven effectiveness. If they aren't numbered then they probably aren't proven to be effective. 

Quality Packaging: If your probiotics aren't properly packaged they will lose potency after being opened. Healthy Host Probiotics are individually sealed in Nitrogen purged foil packets to maintain freshness and potency. 

Pleasant Tasting: Taste matters! You don't want that chalky aftertaste that many probiotics have. We pride ourselves on a great tasting custom formulation.